Genieve Figgis

One of the artists featured in Vitamin P3: new perspectives in painting, is Irish born Genieve Figgis.  Her paintings seem to be based on archaic classical artworks but this is where the similarity ends.  Her work is somewhat goulish, even funny, depending on your point of view I suppose.  I was intrigued by the palette she uses, which is quite muddy and lurid at times and am keen to understand the process she employs in the creation of her paintings. 

Genieve Figgis The Dance Arylic on panel 2016

It would appear that she uses a great deal of (mostly) acrylic paint and then it looks like she squashes the paint, which creates the feathered bleeding lacy effect where the paint is forced to move across the panel.    I have done that using plastic sheeting and achieved this effect, so I think I’m on the right track in understanding how she starts things off (or finishes them). However, the way she creates her distorted images is unique and puzzling.  

Genieve Figgis Lady Montague Acrylics on panel 2016

Her ‘Manet’, could be considered a nodding homage to the master himself, except I seem to think that this is based on Monet’s  ‘Le déjeuner sur l’herbe’. I couldn’t find anything online explaining whether the title of her painting is a deliberate mistake, or an error on the part of the person who annoted the images on her website.

Genieve Figgis Manet 2018 Acrylic on canvas
Claude Monet Le Déjeuner sur l’herbe 1865-6
Image from Bridgeman Education)


I suppose her ‘Waiting for my Romeo’, could be a disturbing distortion off Manet’s ‘Olympia’ perhaps?


Article on the value of Figgis’ paintings and how they are increasing:

Phaidon Editors, (2019) Vitamin P3  – new perspectives in painting pp 104 – 107

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