Part 2, Project 4, Exercise 1 – quick sketches around the house

We are asked to do a series of quick sketches around the house of familiar areas to perhaps find something we can use for the next exercise in line. We did a similar exercise in Part 2 of Drawing 1 and despite not producing any worthwhile sketches (I thought), it did help me focus in finding a subject for that assignment piece.

We are supposed to use an A4 sketchbook and do 360 degree studies in standing, as well as seated position – also not to spend more than an hour doing this exercise. I don’t have an A4 sketchbook at the moment, so I used my A5 (I have since ordered an A3 sketchbook, which I’m sure will be needed for part 3 work). I understand the reasoning behind doing a 360degree series of drawings (which we also studied in Drawing 1) but to be honest, the rooms in my house are not that visually interesting – most are heavily cluttered at the moment due to us all being indoors under lock down – so I chose things that I thought might make a good study later on.

I’ve got a few ideas for larger studies and perhaps even something that might work for the assignment work, I enjoyed doing these little drawings, especially the quick studies of things on my art table. I have taken a series of reference photos for each of the little drawings, so that should help me prepare something for future exercises.

2 thoughts on “Part 2, Project 4, Exercise 1 – quick sketches around the house

  1. Steve Meyfroidt April 17, 2020 — 3:55 pm

    I’ll swap you a “seated, child reading” for one of mine. I’ve got two of “bored, child running round shouting a lot” going cheap.

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    1. Lol! Yeah, that was a rare moment … although she spends most of her time in her crypt (bedroom) these days, so it was rare that she deigned to come downstairs and sit in the lounge!

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