Mairead O’hEocha

Born 1962, Dublin – working and living in that city.

I discovered Mairead’s work in the Vitamin P3 book, another gorgeous find. I was taken with the muted contemporary palettes she uses in her paintings and the chiselled brushwork (for example, on a painting like Sunset Please – below). Her work is luminous and some elements in her pictures take on the appearance of glass (the Decorated Tree, for example). What is going on in the painting below? It seems to play with and break all rules of perspective – the ‘clouds’ could be part of a mural, or brightness coming into the day. What is the round white shape in the left middle ground? Is it snow? Glass?

Here is a selection of some of her paintings, images were taken from her website from 2011 to present (however, her website features work from 2008).

Mairead O’hEocha ‘Workyard, Smithfield, Dublin’ 2011

Mairead O’hEocha ‘Decorated tree’ 2012
Mairead O’hEocha ‘Sunset Please’ 2014
Mairead O’hEocha ‘Chopped Tree, Castle Leslie’ 2014
Mairead O’hEocha ‘Railings and Graffiti at Stephen’s Green, Night’ 2018


Various Vitamin P3: New Perspectives in Painting Phaidon Press Ltd., London, United Kingdom, 2016 Ps. 232 and 233

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