Yunhee Min

Born 1964 Seoul, South Korea. Lives and works in Los Angeles

Colour, colour, colour …

Yunhee Min is another artist I discovered in Vitamin P3 (credit below) – the reproductions of her work in the book glow with layers of transluscent colour. I was fascinated with the colour combinations, the various viscosity and pigments and how she gets the almost electric effects, which is something achievable with acrylics – I think it would be hard to get this clarity of colour with oils. She is working in acrylics on linen in all the paintings that I’m featuring below. I adore this work, it’s so fresh and magical. Sometimes it appears as though she has taken swathes of chiffon and used that as her source (Movements: Swell 1, for instance), the shapes pulsate.

Yunhee Min ‘Into the Sun, 2’
Yunhee Min ‘Iridescence – Fluorescence 2’ (2013)
Yunhee Min ‘Movements : Swell 1’
Yunhee Min ‘Wilde painting 1’ (2017)

Her website features a chronological display of her work from when her paintings were first displayed in an architectural manner.


Various Vitamin P3: New Perspectives in Painting Phaidon Press Ltd., London, United Kingdom, 2016 Ps. 192 and 193

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YouTube video – Red Carpet in C installation

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