Research point 3

Figures in Interiors.

We are asked to look at paintings of figures in interiors from differnt periods and choose two or three that appeal …

Gerhard Richter ‘Reader’ 1994

This is a portrait Richter did of his wife, Sabine Moritz reading a magazine. I love the intimate nature of this composition. He has not blurred this image but it is still soft and glows with internal light.

Gustave Caillebotte ‘Young man playing the piano’ 1876

This is not one of Caillebotte’s more famous paintings – I’m thinking of course of ‘The Floor Scrapers/Parquet Planers (which is perhaps one of my favourites). I just love the light filtering through the net curtain and illuminating the pianists music book in this painting. How he has captured the musician’s hands reflected in the lid and the light glistening off the edges of the solid piano. I’ve played at a piano similar to this one, in a room just as sumptious and i can feel the sound of the piano and almost smell the fabrics and carpet.

Gotthard Kuehl (1850-1915) ‘Lovers in a cafe’

German impressionist Kuehl painted some wonderful studies of people in interiors, as well as landscapes. This one is particularly interesting in its composition – setting the people back into the middle plane of the picture, with all that sparkling light behind them.

Daniel Pitín ‘Window Blind’ 2017

I have posted some comment about Pitín’s work elsewhere herein – I am very intrigued by his process. It’s like he takes scraps of stuff lying about his studio and plonks them on the canvas with household paint and then rearranges everything into a composition. His palette is always kinda murky and flat but he still manages to pop in colour at just the right place I love the linear compositional aspects of his work.

Sources for images:

Gerhard Richter –

Daniel Pitín –

Gustave Caillebotte – Bridgeman Education

Gotthard Kuehl – Bridgeman Education

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