Reflective thinking

Where am I now              What have I learnt                          What are the issues/concerns/problems  What are possible solutions   Where am I going

What do I need to do next      When will I do it    Do I need to prepare anything   Is there a contingency plan

  1. I am close to preparing for Assignment 3 in Painting 1.  I am also having to re-look at all the work I did for Drawing 1 to do a digital submission at some time – deadline etc. still to be confirmed.
  2. I am really enjoying PoP1, I think it has a lot to do with my tutor.  The guidance and information that he has given me thus far, has been really valuable.  I am learning so much – I think foremost is the idea that I need to make things more ambiguous in my work, not be so worried about finishing everything off neatly, crossing all the T’s and dotting the I’s as it were.  Also limiting my palette – not going crazy with colour when it’s perhaps more effective to use monochrome or a very limited range of colour.  I have learnt from Drawing 1 to do lots of repetitive studies and this has helped me with POP1 work, I am way more relaxed about it as well.
  3. The issues I have with POP1 are still my inability to work from a live model – portrait painting for example.  I just cannot rely on myself to make an accurate representation of someone working only with paint on a substrate – so am still referring to photos. I do not have a problem drawing people from life and did a lot of work in that regard yesterday, doing small studies in my sketchbook of the children in our house. The issues I have are around transferring the structure of the face accurately onto canvas or paper with a wet medium.
  4. Continuing on the issues: I do not have a strong enough easel to hold A2 paper to work on, which is also restricting my brushwork and spontaneity.  I think I would be able to do far more expressive work if it was on a larger support.  I know this from working on very large canvasses whenever i’ve done abstract work in the past. I cannot reasonably work on A2 sized substrate in my room, there just isn’t enough space to make a mess, so this is also hampering my development and fluidity of movement with regards to brushwork.
  5. Possible solutions would be to get myself a strong easel and work outside – this is not that hard to do now that summer is here – it just means a lot of lugging things about. I can’t work in our garage, because it is chocful of stuff already. I have a specially adapted mobile tool box that I bought two years ago, which I could clean up and fill with the materials I need to work outdoors in the garden, for instance.  I will have a look into this at the weekend – I had a wonderful strong wooden easel which was broken during a house move.  I have an aluminium easel but I don’t think it’s sturdy enough to hold anything in the A2 size – I will get it out tomorrow and test it.  I could work on the kitchen table downstairs if I have to, but only if i’m working ‘flat’ as we have just decorated the kitchen and I don’t think it would go down well if I ended up splashing paint on the fancy new wallpaper.
  6. I would like to think that I am moving along really well with this POP1 course. I am looking forward to the landscape work.  I have also looked briefly at Understanding Painting Media (an elective course) which is what I want to do next because I think that’s right up my street – it deals with all sorts of other painting processes – like monoprinting etc.
  7. What I need to do next is get the organisational aspects of the D1 digital assessment process sorted out while I wait for the actual drawings.  Then once they arrive, I will to spend a couple of days re-photographing the stuff properly before sorting it all out to submit electronically. I am not very happy about this, as I spent quite a bit of money on the A2 mounts for my drawing work, as well as reinforcing for the packaging. OCA are going to reimburse us for postage costs, which in my case was in the region of £24. Anyway, no point moaning, it may all work out for the better in the end.

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