Luc Tuymans 3 and update

I collected the framed print of ‘Technicolour’ this morning.

Apologies for the reflection, it’s very bright today. Anyway, this is as close as I’ll ever come to owning one of Luc Tuymans’ works and it looks fine on my wall above the desk.

I have placed orders for a few odds and ends – art equipment wise – including an A2 canvas panel, so I’m looking forward to using that for an assignment piece. I am also working on preparatory drawings for the next exercises, which should be completed by the end of next week and then I can start working on the assignment for this part of the course. It’s looking like I will be able to stick to my course schedule.

I have been notified by OCA that they will be posting out the Drawing 1 work soon and once I’ve got that, I will complete the digital submission – so far it’s going okay. I’ve done a Powerpoint of selected sketchbook work but will have to re-photograph a lot of the drawings. I will re-work my artist’s statement – I was told by Emma Drye that she would give it a look over to see if it needed any further adjustments, I’ll probably work on that later on this week.

I have tested the aluminium easel mentioned in my Reflective Thinking post and it is quite strong, so I will be able to use it with both the heavyweight Clairefontaine A2 paper as well as canvas boards/panels. I have also cleaned out my mobile tool box and moved equipment into it, in preparation for working outside. I’ve done a fair bit of other encaustic work not related to this course and I am waiting delivery on new wax and Ampersand boards, so I can do some panels to sell. I am new to encaustic painting, so it’s all experimental at this stage, some of the paper experiments I am putting in my coursework sketchbooks, they might come in handy later, who knows?

I understand Sainsbury Centre (UEA campus) gallery is opening soon and I am itching to go and see if there is anything new on display. I now have the shared use of a car. Libraries are still closed here, once open though I plan to try and get hold of the book by Gerhard Richter that my tutor recommended. I’ve been watching a lot of Richter YouTube videos. I discovered another artist last night on YouTube called David Allan Peters, what he does with layers of paint is quite brilliant. I’ve scheduled to do a short post on him and some other artists I’ve discovered on my wanderings around the interwebs.

Study on the Post-War Abstract Painting course has ground to a halt as I’ve had too many other things occupying my time of late and my POP1 coursework takes priority over any other study. I may have a look at this next month, once I’ve finished faffing about with the D1 digital submission and completed the assignment for this part of the POP1 course.

Onwards and upwards.

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