Louis Boudreault

French-Canadian artist, Louis Boudreault, is known for creating portraits of famous historical figures from images of the person as they were as a child. He layers large amounts of newsprint (I think) onto board to create a substrate which he then uses to create his portraits – these are generally very large paintings. His use of collage, paint, graphite and other media to create the images is fascinating. However I could not find very much information about his technical process and that was frustrating as I really love this work.

Louis Boudreault ‘Picasso 1’ 2012 (Source Artsy.net)
Louis Boudreault ‘Picasso’ 72″ x 48″

Louis Boudreault ‘Andy Warhol’ 36″ x 24″




https://hanartgallery.com/louis-boudreault-1/   (source of reference image of Picasso)

   including French YouTUbe interview

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IlE_6O43XcE … exhibition in Canada (Winchester Dec 2019)

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