Project 1 Exercise 1 – From inside looking out (2)

I have done some other studies of views from a window over the past couple of days in my sketchbook. I tried a view from our kitchen looking out onto the garden, using gouache. Photographing these things is proving difficult at the moment, as there is something not quite right with my cameraphone. It seems to take out a lot of the colour – especially in the sky – I will take some test photos with my Canon DSLR next week and see if I can get a better result. I did a very rough sketch using burnt sienna and kept to red/green, with touches of yellow ochre and white for the garden and fence parts. I put in blue and a soft golden yellow in the sky but it’s not visible in the photo. The plant pot is made of concrete and is actually grey, the tiles are textured sandstone. I used a 3/4 inch brush for the whole thing, ‘cos I didn’t want to end up fiddling with details. I’m not very happy with this, it seems quite dull and lifeless. I am going to have another go at it in oils and see if that makes any difference. It could just be that I didn’t find the composition or subject very appealing in the first place!

From inside looking out – gouache on sketchbook paper – A3

I then decided to try and capture a view of the sunrise from my bedroom window as it was at about 4am this morning (don’t ask). I took a reference photo to help with placement of colours. I started this painting off with gouache but didn’t like where it was going, so waited for the paint to dry and then got out the soft pastels. I found it much easier to get the colour placement using my soft pastels, as I have a very large range of colours. I am pleased with the finished piece which is just over A3 in size (also done in my sketchbook). I’ve ‘set’ it with pastel fixative.

I feel better emotionally after using the soft pastels and laying down plenty of colour. I am working on a very large canvas (a side project) at the moment, that is all shades of blues (an underwater scene) and this is affecting my need to use more vibrant colour in the exercise work.

Off piste stuff

Despite wanting to work with a lot of colour at the moment, I am also very interested in tonalism. I have followed an artist on WordPress for a vew years called Maurice Sapiro, his work is filled with mystical light and is very inspirational.

Maurice Sapiro ‘ Unforgettable’ (image from hiw website)

Whilst surfing around YouTube, I came across a very interesting video by Stuart Davies, demonstrating how he creates a tonal study, it was lovely to see how much the work came alive with such a minimal palette.

Bibliography Maurice Sapiro’s artist website

Stuart Davies’ Tonalism YouTube video

2 thoughts on “Project 1 Exercise 1 – From inside looking out (2)

  1. Love the “From inside looking out – sunrise” – gorgeous colors

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Francine, i also love sunrise/sunset colour palettes!


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