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Following the comprehensive tutor feedback I received from my assignment 3 submission, I have started my own research into further understanding the work of Patrick Procktor and other artists. I obtained the book ‘Patrick Procktor: Art and Life’ by Ian Massey at a bargain basement knock-down price of around £17 (including postage) from Amazon (used but in excellent condition, you’d hardly say it wasn’t new). I started reading through it yesterday. It is filled with over a hundred reproductions of his works and the text is informative and seems to be in chronological order. I will write more about it once I’ve finished the book, which I think will end up being a reference point for me going further into this course. At this point, I am not certain how my tutor came to the idea of comparing my work to Procktor’s.

I also obtained a really teeny weeny book by Isabelle Graw and others, called ‘Thinking through Painting/Reflexivity and Agency beyond the Canvas’, which was also recommended to me by my tutor. The size of this microscopic book (again obtained via Amazon but this time new for around £13) belies its lofty sentiment and content. I will probaby have to re-read it again, as this book has a high ‘fog’ index and me being of Yorkshire stock, I don’t do well with deliberate obfuscation on the part of the writers. That aside, I have found some of the discussion around Luc Tuymans’ methodology and work illuminating and interesting,

As an aside, both of these books were not available in local libraries (Uni and City) . I’m still agonising over the idea of whether to shell out the bucks for Gerhard Richter’s ‘The Daily Practise of Painting’ I have seen comment that it is not worth the money and to be honest, I’d rather have a peek at it before spending such a lot of money, which could be better spent on art materials, n’est-ce pas?

Update: I’ve managed to locate a copy of Richter’s book from (via – thanks to you know who! Should be here just after I get back from Wales … cool.

Books currently reading

I have started preparatory drawings and ideas for the next exercise – expressive landscape. What exactly is an expressive landscape? It could be a spectacular sunset/sunrise, desert, mountain range … or it could be a poliltical commentary on urban or social decay. It could be expressive by nature of the way the artist applies his or her treatment to the subject, i.e. using collage and unusual materials or composition tricks. It could just be a tree branch and a fence post. I’m thinking a lot about this at the moment- not sure how it will turn out.

I am going away to Wales for a week tomorrow and won’t be back home until the following weekend. I am taking a box of drawing materials, as well as my little sketchbook. I hope it doesn’t rain the whole time – it is Wales I’m going to after all.

sketching equipment

4 thoughts on “Research books and other stuff

  1. is useful for tracking down older books too.

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    1. thanks … i can’t find the Richter book on there. In most places I’ve looked it ranges from £60 to £270 .. depends on condition and where you’re buying it from … bit steep.
      Edit: I’ve found a copy for about £28 plus postage … so might end up getting it. that was from! Thanks very much, I put in the wrong author when I did the search the first time. 🙂

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      1. Yay!

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      2. I bought it – £31 all inclusive, should get it the day after I get back from Wales .. cool, thanks again.

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