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I have to admit that I sometimes battle to ‘get into’ some artists’ work – I think that’s like finding new so-called alternative music, it can be challenging initially but then you end up loving it. My tutor asked me to look at a few painters in the feedback report he gave mefrom my last assignment.  

Patrick Procktor and Isabelle Graw I have covered in previous posts.     Other artists I’m looking at now are:

Alex Katz  – American

His landscape work reminds me a bit of Hockney’s – very minimalist, colourful.  His portraits look like cartoon faces, no depth or dimension, very linear.

Liam Golub – also American (1922 -2004).  I watched a few YouTube videos where he was interviewed.  He creates what he called in one video, ‘an awkward presence’.   His paintings are very strong in colour and they are dynamic, with often very uncompromising themes (Napalm for example). I’m not all that fond of his stuff but I haven’t looked at all of it yet.

Allison Katz – Canadian artist.  I’m not at all sure what I’m looking at on the many websites devoted to her work.  It is so diverse!  From cockerels to pears to doves … interspersed with figures, ghosts, colour and shape.  I am looking forward to delving a bit more into her work in the coming months.

Allison Katz – Giant Cock-O (image from The

Albert Oehlen

I really like this chap’s stuff.  I am looking at some of his latest work at the moment that was exhibited in 2019 – watercolour on canvas.  I need to look at a lot more of his work, so far I find it very intereesting.

Albert Oehlen Untitled 2019 (watercolour on canvas) Source:

Adrian Ghenie  – Romanian artist.

Full biography and links to his work and articles on: I noticed this quote: 

His alternately lush and vigorous style has earned him comparisons to Francis Bacon, although Ghenie says: “Despite people[‘s] belief Bacon was never a direct source of inspiration for me….At this point in my career, I do what I always did—I steal from everybody”   From  How Adrian Ghenie Conquered the Art Market The Art Newspaper | June 22, 2018

Source for above quote:

He does tend to transmogrify people’s faces (a la Bacon).  Not sure about this chap’s work, will need to sift through the stuff online, not posting any images of his work just yet.

Justin Mortimer – English

I have looked at this artist previously and find his work quite fascinating.  Still not sure how he makes his paintings.  There is a full biography, catalogue of work on his website:

Justin Mortimer The Apocalyptic Sublime Image from Fused

Source for above image

Hannah Hoch  (1889 -1978)  German Dada artist

Quite a few examples of her (now quite dated) collage work on this website;

Hannah Hoch – “Untitled (Large Hand Over Woman’s Head)”, 1930

Source for image above:

John Stezaker – British

Also uses collage and is famous for his portraits using the cut-up technique (a la Two-face from the Batman comics). Several works on Saatchi’s site:

John Stezaker – from his Marriage series.

Image above from File Magazine article

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