Where am I now    

I am quite pleased that I have completed assignment four and now preparing to start my final part of this course.          

What have I learnt

This course has shown me that I am becoming more skilled in my techniques and processes when creating my work. I also seem to have a natural affinity with soft pastels. However, I am interested in other mediums and in part 5, I hope to be able to explore that aspect in greater detail. I am more discerning of the subject matter, materials and motivation I use for creating my freelance art work.   I have learnt a great deal relating to how I approach a task. When I first started this degree (doing Drawing 1) I was in a flat spin about the timeframe and had the idea that I had to whizz through the assignments, like it was some kind of race.  I have discovered doing this POP1 course that it’s actually quite the opposite.  The more experiments and research one is able to do, the better prepared you are for exercises and assignments and the more you get out of the course. I’ve learnt to slow down and enjoy the process.  I did not know much about painting with oils when I started this course, I have not used them as much as I think I should have done up to now but with this next section coming up, I am looking forward to using them far more frequently.                          

What are the issues/concerns/problems 

I did have some problems obtaining materials for my fourth assignment and was worried about the timeframes (again).  But I sorted those problems out and I’ve found really reliable suppliers.   I am learning to work in the limited space I have available to me – taking inspiration from Brian Rutenberg who said if you can’t paint large, work small.  (I’ve heard that before but it seemed to go in when he said it!)  That said, I still want to work large and that is my ultimate ambition in life – i.e. to be able to have the space to create large works and have the freedom to move around in a studio space without too much restriction.   I asked on a FB OCA Painters group recently how many people actually travel to a studio ‘that they pay rent for’ (i.e. not somewhere in their house/garden). It seems that no-one on that FB group travel to an outside studio to work, they all pretty much do as I am doing. I had thought about the idea of starting a collective of artists in this area to come together and perhaps look at renting a large studio/warehouse/barn/workshop space as a group but I’ve heard that this is not always a good idea, as people pull out and renege on their rent portions.

Where am I going

I am now starting part 5, perhaps the juiciest part of this course insofar as being able to ‘make a mess’ is concerned.  I love working with texture and expressing myself with different techniques in an abstract type of format, so I’m really looking forward to getting into all the exercises.  I have some ideas already about my final personal project pieces but this may change as I work through the exercises in part 5.

What do I need to do next     

I have some research to do first, which I’m busy with at the moment and then it’s on to the first exercise – impasto, can’t wait!

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