Part 5 Exercise 1 – Impasto (2)

I decided to have a go with oils and cold wax medium to see how it would perform as far as thickening the oil paint was concerned. I arranged some fruit on a box in my art table and for this I had prepared a small piece of mixed media paper with gesso. I used Cobra wm oil paints – ultramarine, permanent orange, yellow ochre, permanent yellow white, primary yellow, pyroole red, permanent green deep, magenta and titanium white. I did a rough sketch and then used a palette knife and a ceramics/pottery shaping tool.

my set up
detail of thckly applied paint
Impasto – oil and cold wax medium on paper about a4

The background and ‘table’ i painted in loosely with watered down (but still thick in some parts) white/ochre and ultramarine (diluted with white and a bit of water). It was fun faffing about with the different tools to get the effect.

I had earlier tried out this technique using an acrylic abstract that I’d started yonks ago (small test piece) and decided to try the impasto oils over it.

I enjoy working with the impasto technique in a lot of my own private (off course) work, I usually incorporate other elements into the surface to get the texture but a while ago I also used very thick paint (acrylics mixed with gels and pastes) to do an abstract piece that is quite large.

‘Hedgerow’ abstract – acrylics on stretched canvas – about 5′ x 4′

I have invested quite heavily over the past year in equipment and materials for encaustic painting, however I am still battling to find a place to work that is safe and where I can work for long periods of time undisturbed. I am fascinated with the textural effects that can be created using encaustic medium and paint.

Encaustics on paper
close up of texture

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