Part 5 Exercise 4 – Mixing materials into paint

For this exercise we are asked to experiment using different materials ‘from the landscape’ mixed into paint to build up texture.   Various materials are suggested.

As a bases, I decided to use gesso, mixed with PVA and a small amount of cadmium yellow acrylic paint, to create a clotted cream type of colour with thick consistency and laid my strips of texture down onto A2 Clairefontaine mixed media paper.

I used:  Egg shells – ground and bashed up with a hammer; Sand texture gel (Galeria brand); Tea leaves taken from a tea bag; Crushed dried leaves from the garden; Dried Egg noodles, again bashed and broken up with a hammer and my hands; Rice; Pebble shards from the garden; Sisal fibres

I sprayed a dilute mix of orange/brown and red ink and water onto some of the strips and dripped isopropyl alcohol into the ink to see how it would react with the gesso and thick texture.   I am pleased with this final piece – for me the tea bags created the most interesting effect.    I made a short video to show the texture in more detail.

Various textures on A2 Clairefontaine paper

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