Books purchased during this course:

Phaidon Editors, (2019) Vitamin P3  – new perspectives in painting

Foster, H and others  Art Since 1900 Modernism Antimodernism Postmodernism  Thames & Hudson (third Edition)

Massey, I  Patrick Procktor  Art and Life  (2010) Unicorn Press, Norwich

Lawrence, J. & Ove Knausgaard, K.  Anselm Kiefer – Transition from Cool to Warm (2017) Gagosian, New York City

Obrist, H. U. (ed.)  Gerhard Richter The Daily Practise of Painting – Writings and Interviews 1962-1993  (1995 – UK) Thames & Hudson

Tuymans, L ( and others) On&By Luc Tuymans  (2013) Whitechapel Gallery, London

Rutenberg, B.  Clear and Seeing Place. (2016) Permanent Green, New York City

Graw, I (and others) Thinking through Painting –  Reflexivity and Agency beyond the Canvas (2012) Sternberg Press

MacPherson K. D. Fill your oil paintings with light & colour(1997)North Light Books, Cincinnati, Ohio. (Book review exercise during part 4)


Anselm Kiefer

Artists all featured on the same post –

B. Cheheyeb, Mamma Andersson, Grant Watson, Paul Housley, Ivon Hitchens, James Dickson Innes, Chris Gilvan-Cartwright, Richard Taylor, Maki Na Kamura, Ilona Kiss, Rae Hicks, Giorgio De Chirico, Markus Lupertz

Brian Rutenberg (and following on Instagram)

Sam Douglas (and following on Instagram)

Tonalism – Maurice Sapiro, April Gornik, Ben Bauer, Katriel Srebnik, Luke Tucker

John Stezaker

Hannah Hoch

Justin Mortimer

Adrian Ghenie

Albert Oehlen

Allison Katz

Liam Golub

Alex Katz

Patrick Procktor

Frank Auerbach/ Salvadore Dali/Max Ernst/ De Chirico/Paul Nash/Graham Sutherland / Emil Nolde/ Gustav Klimt/ Gustave Moreau/ Frida Kahlo/ Leon Bakst/ Luc Tuymans/ Gerhard Richter/ Jim Musil/ Scott Naismith/ April Gornik (Expressive Landscapes)

Keith Ashcroft (Zoom Workshop) (And following on Instagram)

Raoul Dufy

Gwen John

Edward Hopper

Louis Boudreault

Ryan Sullivan

Hans Hofmann

Mark Rothko

Sabine Moritz

Genieve Figgis

Apostolos Georgiou

Connor Addison

Daniel Pitín (and following on Instagram)

Luc Tuymans – 1 (and following on Instagram)

LT – 2

LT – 3

Raúl Recio

Mairead O’hEocha (and following on Instagram)

Per Kirkeby

Yunhee Min

Helene Schjerfbeck

Gerhard Richter– 1 (and following on Instagram)

Giorgio Morandi

Ivan Seal

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